Much of the success in an effective Disaster Recovery (DR) program is in its initial planning and design in order to ensure strategies are established, a road map is in place, and a recovery solution is delivered aligning with your organization's   Business Continuity (BC) program.

  • Create your program based on your needs and where you want to go
  • Determine strategies for your organization’s DR and BC Plans, Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)
  • Work with business and technology teams to identify systems for recovery

Prioritize your systems based on recovery needs, business requirements, RTO, and RPO.

  • Collaborate, Coordinate, Communicate. Every team, every member has a voice in BDR Planning
  • System ownership and support responsibility
  • Recovery plans and Recovery validation
  • Business recovery gap analysis and establishment of alternate mitigation strategies to bridge the gap, when necessary, between resumed business operations and system recovery

Create a strategy to implement recovery of systems and services needed to support your operational preparedness.

  • Data Replication and System Virtualization
  • Dedicated Architecture
  • Recovery Services Providers

Manage, support and delivery of your plan implementation.

  • Assist you in identifying, selecting, and delivering your service needs; whether it is be a DRaaS, Single Source Turnkey, Blended Solution, Self-Insured, or Third Party Recovery Solution

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