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Disaster Recovery Preparedness

In a disaster, are your systems and data protected?

  • Are your company's data and files recoverable?
  • Is your Chief Executive Officer's email protected in a disaster?

Do you have your systems identified for recovery?

  • Are Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) defined through an objective process?
  • Have Critical Data Dependencies been identified?
  • Are there systems that cannot be recovered?
  • Does everyone participating in a recovery know where to access the recovery plans and supporting documents in a declared disaster?

Does your replication model (Storage, Data, Systems, Network Bandwidth) support your recovery needs?

  • Do you know which systems can be virtualized and which cannot?
  • Is Data Replication in place which supports your organization's defined Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)?
  • Are Mitigation Plans in place to bridge the gap from when a system can be recovered to when operations have resumed in a declared disaster?

Are Mobile or Remote Recovery Solutions in place to ensure business operations continue in a disaster?

  • Can your phones and workstations be recovered? 
  • Does your mobility plan support your Business Continuity requirements?

What is the recovery solution, DRaaS or Self Recovery, best fitting your needs?

  • Cloud Hosting Services? 
  • Colocation or Managed Services? 
  • Self-Insured or Third Party Time-of-Disaster Recovery Service? 
  • A blending of more than service to best meet your preparedness needs?