DR Testing and Compliance

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Disaster Recovery testing requires effective, planning, and execution in order to ensure systems are restored; recovery plans are accurate and are in alignment with the organization's Business Continuity program's recovery solution.
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity programs are not instituted at Time of Disaster; but have been built in advance, from the ground up through preparation,

planning, delivery and regulatory compliance.

Disaster Readiness Program Review/Audit

  • Review your program

  • Determine regulatory and audit compliance

  • Transparency and Traceability are Key

  • Identify potential gaps

  • Recommend solutions to fill gaps in compliance

  • Manage delivery of solutions

Disaster Readiness Testing

  • Prepare and conduct testing of your program
  • Design tests based on your organization’s recovery scenarios
  • Ranging from organization-wide outages to single system recoveries

Make it a Party!

  • Do not operate in a silo, treat BC and DR tests and activities as a growth and knowledge opportunity

  • Business Users will learn how systems are recovered and operate in DR

  • IT will better understand how business is conducted and what users need in a recovery through collaborative activities

  • Encourage active participation in BC and DR tests and activities from all impacted groups such as Infrastructure Services, Application Support, Business and Operational Units, Internal and External Partners